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We at Gurgaon money are trying to help you find a solution to your finance problems. On an average a person knows approximately 250 people. If you are able to educate these people on the importance of savings, insurance, old age provision, pension, etc. you will be on your way to solving your own financial problem too.

Life Insurance Corporation Of India is the number one brand in the financial sector in India. Lic is the biggest Life insurance company in India. It has a market share of 76.84% in policies and 70.44% market share in First Premium Income in 2015-16

With a business in force of above 29 crore policies. An asset base of 22 Lakh Crore Rupees and a total Income of Rs.4.24 lakh crores in 2015-16. Strong and well spread Infrastructure all over India with 2048 fully computerized branches, 1401 satellite Offices, 1240 Mini Offices, 1,14,773 employees and over 10.60 lakh agents. A product base of 20 policies for all segments of people. With the Excellent Claim Settlement Ratio of with 99.75% of Maturity Claims Settled and 99.55% of Death Claims settled. The claim settlement ratio in itself speaks volumes for the Organisation.

Sovereign  Guarantee by Government Of India. The sum Insured of all policies issued by LIC Of India including bonus are guaranteed by the Central government. – section 37 of Lic act 1956. Best practices in the Industry with Transparency in Operations.With the above financial position and Government Guarantee you will be way ahead of the competitors. You will be associated with the number one life insurance company of India and also one of the leading Life Insurance Companies of the world.